Meet Megan – Tweeter of the week for 7/31!

Megan Esposito is a loud and proud resident of Cleveland. She resides in the West Edge neighborhood, although Edgewater beach and the Cleveland Public Library are her secondary homes. She obtained her bachelor degree of Communications at Cleveland State University and currently works in customer service on Public Square. She is a loving mother to […]

Meet Christian – Tweeter of the Week for 10/17

Hey Cleveland, I’m Christian Taske and I’m excited to be your Tweeter of the Week. I have fallen in love with this town ever since I moved here back in 2004 and I look forward to sharing my @InTheCLE experience with you. But first a little bit about myself: I grew up in Vechta, a […]

Meet Morgan – Tweeter of the Week for 10/10

Hello again CLE! I’m back to @inthecle for a second time because I just can’t get enough. I’m a Lakewood resident working in the West Bank of the Flats for the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Being born and raised in The Land, you can imagine how much love I have for our city. Social media is […]

Meet Chris – Tweeter of the Week for 9/6

Tweeting this week is Chris McNeil (@Reflog_18) This is Chris’s second time at the helm of @InTheCle, having tweeted for us last fall as well. Chris is a lifelong fan of Cleveland sports. One of his favorite memories was being at Old Municipal Stadium rooting for the Browns to come back from a 10 points […]

Meet Josh Womack – Tweeter of the Week for 8/7!

Tweeting this week is Josh Womack (@joshuawomack82) Cleveland, this one’s for you! We are Laugh Staff. A group of rag-tag comedians who help write awesomely humorous and heartfelt wedding toasts. We write, you speak and everyone laughs! Our team of @RailbirdJ, cn_amigo & @joshuawomack82 are big fans of the 2-1 oh too sixy! We started […]

Meet Gina DeSantis – Tweeter of the Week for 7/31

Tweeting this week is Gina DeSantis (@Gina_D_Ceramics) Gina DeSantis Ceramics strives to create high quality art & dinnerware while sharing that love of making through a classroom solely devoted to the ceramic arts. Gina graduated from Kent State with her MFA in 2006. After ten years of teaching she opened a classroom in the Screw […]

Meet Taylor Horen- Tweeter of the Week for 7/24

Tweeting this week is Taylor Horen (@taylorhoren) Hello, CLE! I’m a Cleveland Heights resident, transplanted from Toledo 7 years ago when I began at John Carroll University. Currently, I am the digital marketing specialist in social media at Sherwin-Williams and formerly worked as a social media specialist at thunder::tech. I’ve completely adopted Cleveland as my […]