Thanks for your interest in the @InTheCLE Twitter account! Apply here to be our Tweeter of the Week. We’re looking for social media savvy Clevelanders who are eager to share their love for Cleveland online.

Here’s how it works:

Each week we’ll select a new Twitter user to represent Cleveland as the @InTheCLE Tweeter of the Week. The Tweeter of the Week will be responsible for tweeting on behalf of @InTheCLE, sharing local news and events, monitoring and responding to questions about Cleveland, and providing fun, engaging and non-self serving content.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the @InTheCLE Tweeter of the week? Apply below, and we’ll contact you in 4-6 weeks if you’ve been selected. Please fill out all questions so we can get a sense of what makes you a good fit for the Tweeter of the Week.

Guidelines and Expectations of Tweeter of the Week:

  • Being Tweeter of the Week is a voluntary opportunity to help others learn more about the city he/she loves.
  • Being the Tweeter of the Week is a privilege and an obligation. The Tweeter of the Week must not use the @InTheCLE Twitter handle for self-serving purposes or as a forum for airing grievances. Tweeting about your favorite restaurant or book club is great, but please don’t use the Twitter account to tweet daily promotional tweets.
  • Content shared on the @InTheCLE Twitter account should not be negative or put down a specific group. We want you to share your positive feelings and experiences about Cleveland; however, this is not the place to put down or criticize other cities, teams, regions, and so on. Please do not share racist, sexist, homophobic, or other degrading content.
  • The Tweeter of the Week should post content multiple times daily, for one week. Content must be focused on the city of Cleveland and be a combination of:
    • Proactive content on Cleveland in the news and Cleveland events
    • Reactive to answer tourist and visitors’ questions
    • Retweets of Cleveland-focused Twitter accounts (DCA, Positively Cleveland, local media)
  • The Tweeter of the Week will be selected through a competitive application process that seeks to assemble a group of diverse individuals who share an understanding of social media, a passion for Downtown Cleveland and who represent a wide array of interests, professional backgrounds, and relationship to Downtown.
  • The Tweeter of the Week will abide by guidelines as established and communicated by the @InTheCLE Twitter Steering Committee. If these guidelines are not followed, the Tweeter of the Week’s rights to tweet may be revoked at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

If selected, please abide by the guidelines above. This means:

  1. Tweet often. If you’re not willing to or able to tweet at least one to two times a day (but not 10 times a day), then don’t apply. We want those who are passionate about Twitter and Cleveland to share their voice!
  2. Don’t overly promote yourself, your business, etc. We all have our passions, our awesome organizations and jobs we love- but overly sharing and promoting these on this Twitter channel isn’t fair to our followers. Let’s remember the goal of @InTheCLE: to share our love for Cleveland!
  3. Do not tweet anything racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise derogatory or degrading. The Steering Committee reserves the right to revoke the Tweeter of the Week’s privileges should this, or any of the above, are not obeyed.

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