Monthly Archives: March 2017

Meet Katrina – Tweeter of the Week for 3/27

Meet this week’s tweeter – Katrina, @BiteBuff. Here’s what she says about herself; I can’t cook. I wish that I was exaggerating. I am the girl that burns water out of a pot and ruins it, sets the fire alarm off by making toast, and uses a knife very slowly- “just in case.” Seriously, several times in […]

Meet Jane – Tweeter of the Week for 3/20

Meet Jane Frires! She was born and raised in Cleveland and now resides in Cleveland’s Warehouse District downtown. She graduated from Ohio University in 2012 and has had over 4 years of Social Media Marketing experience. She currently juggles working for Cleveland Music Group part-time as a Social Media Assistant while also working full time […]

Meet Lauren – Tweeter of the Week for 3/13

Meet Lauren, tweeting for InTheCLE the week of 3/13! Lauren Litton is a globetrotter who is proud to call Cleveland home. Lauren is avid fan of music, hiking, dive bars, strong coffee, scones, sarcasm and social justice. Finding new experiences in the 216, and elsewhere, is a way of life. Lauren has been committed to the public interest […]

Meet David – Tweeter of the Week for 3/5

Introducing David Hansen – Tweeter of the Week for March 5! David Hansen (@dhansenx) has participated in Cleveland’s theater renaissance for over a quarter-century. His produced plays include Rosalynde & The Falcon, Double Heart (The Courtship of Beatrice and Benedick), and his award-winning work on stillbirth, I Hate This (a play without the baby). His wife […]