Meet Bella – Tweeter of the Week for 1/30


Introducing this week’s tweeter – Bella! A proud Mexican women holda the honor of being named One Of Cleveland’s Most Interesting People 2011 as well as the tittle of The Cleveland Burlesque Queen in the same year. Head Production Director of The International Ohio Burlesque Festival on it’s 7th year and owner of Le Femme Mystique Burlesque on it’s 13th year of productions. She is an Activist, Instructor, Historian, Volunteer Actress and Philanthropist, Director of Logistics for Cleveland Pride Parade and Festival – Cle4Women Rally 2013- Rally Director Sin is known throughout northeastern Ohio for revitalizing the Burlesque movement in the area.  Her astonishing credentials and achievements have been noted and praised in numerous publications including a national documentary.  Besides furthering her dancing career, Sin continues to model, volunteer in the LGBT community which has helped make her famous and infamous, and inspires a whole array of aspiring performers. Recently receiving recognitions for the ohio burlesque festival from city and state, Sin works diligently to  promote, grow and save the burlesque history in the rustbelt region of Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit.

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