Meet Megan Young – Tweeter of the Week for 6/5

Tweeting this week is Megan Young (@meglouisedance):

Megan Young CLE

Megan Young hates working out, but likes being physical in public places. She is outspoken and deeply invested in social activism. She likes delicious food, body positive advertising, and being around energetic people.

Megan is an individual artist and 2016 Creative Workforce Fellow through the Community Partnership for the Arts made possible through Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. She produces movement & new media works for performance and exhibition throughout the Midwest, nationally, and internationally. Learn more about her work and process at Follow her @meglouisedance on Twitter.

Arriving to Cleveland as a transplant from Michigan, Megan has criss-crossed the city and its suburbs many times over through her work as a teaching artist and freelance performer. Ohio City is home base, where Megan and her family must navigate the intersections of race, class, and place. Still, they feel more at home with that struggle here than anywhere else. Megan’s work allows her to visit many amazing cities, but she continues to be impressed by Cleveland’s resiliency and community.

Megan will be tweeting for @InTheCLE through Sunday 6/12

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