inthecle1“I have long believed that anyone who doesn’t have faith in the city of Cleveland, just isn’t spending enough time with the right people.” Social Worker for life and Good Cause Crusader at heart, Pam Turos (@goodcausecreate) is the voice behind The Good Cause Blog and co-founder of Good Cause Creative. Her personal mission is to tell as many stories as possible about all the inspiring people and organizations who are transforming northeast Ohio. She was recently awarded a start-up grant through the Cleveland Leadership Center’s Citizen’s Make Change civic pitch competition and is looking forward to launching – an online community where Clevelanders can go to get excited and get involved with small, non-profit organizations and businesses who are making the world a better place.

When she’s not busy helping clients tell their stories through writing, web development and custom videos, Pam loves practicing yoga, reading past her bedtime and learning more about the messy art of being human from her husband and three children. She is a proud, life-long Northeast Ohioan and an active volunteer at Campus International School and Trinity Cathedral.

Visit Pam on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where she is always looking for good causes to celebrate and people who want to help her do just that!

Pam will be tweeting for @InTheCLE through March 27th

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