Meet Kate – Tweeter of the Week for 2/28


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Tweeting this week is Kate (@heyescapist)

Kate, a thirtysomething native Ohioan who has lived in five states in the last 10 years, is thrilled to finally be living the dream in Cleveland (which really does rock). She and her boyfriend, Mike, live in Tremont with their cat, Helo, and two giant bay windows that bring her deep happiness.

Before fleeing to the Cleve, Kate spent four nonconsecutive years in Washington, D.C., her second-favorite city. In between, she lived at the Jersey Shore, where most people didn’t actually sound like Snooki, and New Hampshire, where most people did actually sound like characters from The Departed. She has a degree in journalism from Kent State, works as a community manager for a large nonprofit, and is a sometimes-freelancer who occasionally writes for the Washington Post and Hearst Magazines.

Kate prefers ampersands to “and,” beer to wine, flats to heels, and the Midwest to just about anywhere. Find her blogging about life at & tweeting/Instagrammming as @heyescapist.

Kate will be tweeting for @InTheCLE through Sunday 3/6

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