Monthly Archives: January 2016

Meet David – Tweeter of the Week for 1/31

Tweeting this week is David (@dhansenx) David Hansen is an arts educator, playwright, husband, father, and avid runner. He is Education Outreach Associate for Great Lakes Theater, and a member of the Cleveland Play House Playwrights’ Unit. In the 1990s David founded the Tremont-based Guerrilla Theater Company, which specialized in late-night social satire. David was […]

Meet Jill – Tweeter of the Week for 1/24/2016

A Northeast Ohio native, Jill is the healthy living blogger behind The Year of the Phoenix. A 3X half-marathoner, she proudly represents the back of the pack at ever race, she also hosts the Running With Police Escort podcast which launched in June 2015 after a successful Kickstarter Campaign. This spring she’ll be running the […]

Meet Katrina – Tweeter of the Week for 1/18/2016

I can’t cook. I wish that I was exaggerating. I am the girl that burns water out of a pot and ruins it, sets the fire alarm off by making toast, and uses a knife very slowly- “just in case.” Seriously, several times in high school I would be home alone, left to fend for myself […]

Meet Kaitlin & Rakesh – Tweeters of the Week for 1/10/16

Keep Running CLE (otherwise known as friends Kaitlin Durbin and Rakesh Guha) were brought together through running and their love for brunch (specifically Bloody Marys). They decided that after a full year of once-a-month races in 2014 that their next crazy idea they would put into action would be their own running blog. Keep Running […]

Meet Kayla – Tweeter of the Week for 1/4/2016

With a Great Dane, a Pekingese, and two cats, Kayla is an avid animal lover.  Cleveland is her home and her greatest love.  She is always exploring the Cleveland restaurant scene, and as a vegetarian for over ten years, she has awesome restaurant suggestions for herbivores and omnivores alike. Kayla works at Case Western Reserve […]