Monthly Archives: December 2014

Meet Seema – Tweeter of the Week for December 21st!

Seema R was born in University Circle and now has worked there for 15 years. She has too many hobbies to name, but spends a great deal of time pinning at Seema R, vining at ArtLust, and, of course tweeting, at artlust. She is passionate about the arts, design, food, and #CLE. Advertisements

Meet Dan – Tweeter of the Week for December 15th!

My name is Daniel Cotter born and raised in Akron; same high school as Lebron. I graduated from The University of Akron. Moved to Cleveland in the late 90’s and never wanted to leave. Been an Indians, Browns, and Cavs fan since I could walk. Used to be a season ticket holder at one point […]

Meet Jamie – Tweeter of the Week for December 8 th!

I was born and raised on the South side of Cleveland in Valley View. When I graduated high school I spent 3 years traveling the country with my job. After seeing just about everything there was to see in the US, and annoying everyone I met along the way with my Cleveland pride, I decided […]