Meet Tracey Bradnan – Tweeter of the Week for Week of 10/6

Tracey Bradnan (typically tweets from [@TraceyBrandnan).

Tracey Bradnan (@TraceyBradnan) is a “square.” She has lived in Shaker Square, near Gordon Square, and loves all the shapes, sides, and seasons of Cleveland.

Her corner of the Cleveland area is now Bay Village, Ohio, where she resides with her husband and teenage son and works from home as a freelance marketing communications consultant for a variety of Northeast Ohio businesses and non-profits.

Tracey was born in Cleveland, raised in Medina, and received a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in 1988. Since then, her marketing career in Cleveland has encompassed everything from recreational vehicles to Duck Tape to bicycles, with nearly a dozen appearances on the QVC shopping channel thrown in for good measure.
Last month, Tracey was elected to the Board of Directors of the May Dugan Center in Ohio City, a non-profit organization that carries on a legacy of compassion for near-west side residents that could be found in May Dugan’s neighborhood taverns in the 1930s and 1940s. Having come from long lines of kick-ass women from Ireland (and the Ukraine), Tracey found a heroine in May Dugan and is honored to help the center do its essential work for Cleveland families.
When she’s not working or volunteering, Tracey enjoys riding bikes (she is also a member of Bike Cleveland), reading books and other things on paper (even if they only come a few days a week now), and supporting local shops, theaters and restaurants with as many visits as possible.

Tracey will be tweeting for @InTheCLE through Sunday 10/13.


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