Meet Anne – Tweeter of the Week for Week of 9/22

Tweeting this week is Anne (@BikeCLE, @AnneKnows)

Anne SmithAnne was born & raised in the best city; Cleveland. She boomeranged back in 2007 and has never been happier!

Anne loves this city so much that she started Cleveland Bike Tours (@BikeCLE) in 2010. Guiding people around the city on bike allows her to show others how Cleveland shines.

Anne is also currently the Social Media Marketing Manager at Lead To Conversion (@AnneKnows) and loves what she does.

When she is not working, Anne loves playing sports with her boys Thomas & Andrew. She is also engaged to marry the most amazing and understanding man in the world; Joe Christensen.

Anne will be tweeting for @InTheCLE through Sunday 9/22.

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