Meet Katie – Tweeter of the Week for Week of 7/21



Tweeting this week is Katie (@KTOinCLE)

Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Katie dreamt of living in a big city. Little did she know, Cleveland would fulfill every city dream of hers and more! Perched in a tall tower in Lakewood, Katie enjoys writing, reading, crap TV, and baking. Yes, baking. When she often ventures out, she enjoys wandering around the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, bartering at the West Side Market, singing karaoke at Eddy & Iggy’s, eating fried chicken at SOHO, admiring Monet paintings at the Cleveland Art Museum, devouring penne pasta alla flavia at Maxi’s, and getting her inner yogi on at the Uptown Cleveland Yoga. In an effort to keep tabs of her adventures and thoughts, she puts the trouble in

Katie will be tweeting for @InTheCLE through Sunday 7/28.


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